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SKU: Category: Books. Description Reviews 0 Description Astrologer Alex Trenoweth looks at adolescent development through astrology, in particular Jupiter and Saturn cycles. She offers advice for anyone who wants to help adolescents, and using the lives of famous people as examples, she shows how to use the secrets of astrology to capitalize on opportunities for success during this stage of life.

A teacher, or presenter, will explain an astrological principle, and then illustrate the principle with charts of well-known personalities. There are problematic aspects to this. An impression is created that these charts. As more evidence-based astrology becomes available we will meet up with similar challenges as are experienced in the medical field. This can be so, if a neutral sampling procedure was used in selecting the charts in the first place.

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Yet selection bias will usually be present. We are all human. We astrologers know better than most people what bias is about. We are. Another problematic aspect is that the charts of well-known people may or may not be representative of the general population.

In hindsight, we realize that he was probably observing the 12th house effect, which in his day he could not have known about. But fact remains that there are differences between the charts of prominent and famous people, and those of the rest of us. What happens in medicine when the evidence fails? What does the doctor do? Here is a listing of approaches found to be in common use by doctors: Eminence-based medicine— it was found that the more senior the colleague was, the less importance he or she placed on the need for anything as mundane as evidence.

Experience, it seems, is worth any amount of evidence. This may be true, or it may not be true.

Providence-based medicine—If the practitioner has no idea of what to do, the decision may best be left in the hands of the Almighty. This amounts to the intuitive approach. This approach is much used in astrology today, I personally think with success. Diffidence based medicine—The diffident doctor will do nothing in the absence of a clear-cut solution. The patient will not be treated at all. Nervousness based medicine—Fear of litigation is a powerful stimulus to current problems in medicine such as over investigation and overtreatment.


Astrologers are not really facing litigation issues at present, but this may also become a threat in the future. None of the above approaches would be necessary if evidence were available. Evidence is always the approach of choice, the best. I believe in an evidence based future for astrology. Yet as more evidence-based astrology becomes available we will meet up with similar challenges as are experienced in the medical field, such as the non-disclosure of negative results. When results come out. They may not confirm our picture of how things work.

Compared to the prohibitive costs of medical research, astrological research is actually cheap. Technology and the computer era are on our side. The conversion of data, or numbers, into knowledge, is something humanity is very good at, at present. To conclude I want to pay tribute to the comprehensive astrological research already done by astrologer and OPA member Michael Bergen. This is the way to go. We want the evidence to grow.

What do you feel should happen for Astrology to grow to its next level of practice: Firstly. The astrological community needs become more coherent. This is where OPA makes a difference. When astrologers are together they trust one another. Barriers and prejudices are broken down. We need more left brain. We need to measure more. The saying goes that astrology is an art not a science, and defies quantification due to its subtlety. My gut feel tells me this is not true.

Statistics also pick up the subtle. Although good work has been done, I think we are still figuring out how best to approach quantity in astrology. The act of measurement increases consciousness. It modifies the picture that we have of things. Standards lift. In business the saying goes: what you measure you manage. When we fail at measuring something, and the reason is that that something is actually not there, the earlier we know the better. How do you feel Astrology will evolve in the coming decade: I am positive.

Astrology benefits tremendously from modern technology and communication. I feel that astrology will homogenize and be stronger on its feet. David Isaacs, Dominic Fitzgerald: Seven alternatives to evidence based medicine. Innessa Wuzyk, Innessa is 51 years old , married, with two grown children, born South African, from Dutch parentage. I knew after that experience that I had found a true and noble teacher. I loved the course!

Simultaneously, each year courses and schools are opened particularly in Istanbul and other cities like Izmir and Ankara to meet this need and to teach students astrology from beginner to advanced level and even support them to expertise in specific branches of astrology. However, some branches of astrology, especially.

Consequently, the National Education Ministry do not legitimise the certificates and diplomas given by astrology schools abroad. Through being supported by more statistical data and empirical study in the future, I suspect that astrology will be addressed as a social science, if not a positive science like physics and mathematics, and will be studied at the universities.

Astrology may be considered as a secondary perspective like psychology, philosophy and sociology. I suppose, in addition to the personality tests they carry, psychologists may refer to natal charts to know their clients more efficiently and rapidly. It is even quite possible to take advantage of natal charts psychopathology to determine the causes, diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Additionally, I expect that astrology will be more intertwined with new age trends. At this point, people who are expert on regression therapy, family constellation, psychodrama, quantum, access, etc.

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  • Through the interaction of these. As our main purpose is to understand the human soul and be more efficient in solving problems, I believe astrology will be more useful through its integration with other disciplines and renovating itself in line with the researches. Since , he has taught astrology in AstroArt School of Astrology. The product of over a decade of research, this book provides one of the first comprehensive treatments of Hellenistic astrology in modern times. A lot more. That dream started coming true in a big way in January of , when the 1st annual Kepler Conference brought serious astrologers together from 5 continents and challenged them to do something that has never been done before.

    Astrology Lecture by Alex Trenoweth: Off With Their Heads!

    Now that we have the tools to show the world what astrology can really do, what are we going to do about it? Kyosti Tarvainen has published 10 peer-reviewed studies with statistically significant astrological results.

    US/Canada Tour August-September 12222

    The Gauquelin results. Bill Meridian pinpointed important planetary cycles driving the financial markets. Alex Trenoweth showed how lunar phases correlate with middle-school misbehavior. Bruce Scofield followed in the footsteps of Johannes Kepler himself, with an astro-meteorology study correlating Saturn with daily temperature data.

    David Cochrane and Linda Berry presented their growing range of positive results from Vibrational Astrology and harmonics. In the medical astrology forum, Dr. Will Morris unleashed an avalanche of relevant results from studies conducted largely by non-astrologers. That reclamation process is long overdue. Even Planetary Metals had a strong showing, in a reprise of the work of Lily Kolisko and a closer look into the secret lives of iron and copper.

    Episode 3 – Special Guest Alex Trenoweth

    Vedic astrologers were welcomed, and well represented; building important cooperation between East and West in a growing enterprise that benefits us all. More importantly, even with all the statistics, the mind-numbing methodologies, and endless data sets, the Kepler Conference was fun. We had a great time together. Sure, being right on the beach helped a lot, especially when we were blessed with a view of that nighttime NASA rocket launch from the Cape. Still, there was something special that set the Kepler Conference apart, and everyone present experienced and remarked on it.

    It was the spirit: the energy, the excitement and the joy of it all. We really did experience the spirit of discovery! In the conference opening ceremonies, we prayed for a dignified, respectful tone; especially in this overheated and divisive media culture. We wanted to really lis-. A spirit of communication and cooperation prevailed, laying foundations for the highly functional working relationships we will need in building the elaborate future that calls us on; now more of a promise than a dream.

    The key to that spirit, in my opinion, is simple. Is it any surprise that such a subjective methodology had resulted in a profusion of abstract techniques and a troubling lack of consensus? Meanwhile, every other professional field is held to much higher standards.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the Western world has passed us by. The Future of Astrology ROBERTS Professionals in any sector are deeply concerned with anticipating future trends and cycles, whether in government, business, finance, education, sports, health and safety, agriculture, publishing, et al. They all need useful projections and are more than willing to pay for them.

    How many astrologers are gainfully employed in any of the massive enterprises reshaping the future of our planet, and the entire human race? The answer is precious few. It will require a long, concerted effort, but after as little as 10 years of this kind of work, everyone will be having dramatically different conversations about all of this. Forget the skeptics and all the social and scientific conspiracies launched against us. Because people will use. If it ups their bottom line, they suddenly become a lot less concerned about what skeptics think. So whose responsibility is it to show what astrology can really do?

    I can see the tremendous opportunities that await those who can demonstrate the realities of planetary influence, and can put that knowledge to good use solving problems and improving lives. We will be publishing the proceedings from the 1st Annual Kepler Conference throughout the year, so please get on our email list. Learn to do research by doing research. Join us for the Research Incubator Kickoff on March 18th and throughout the year. Also, Research in Medical Astrology with Dr. At the same time, astrologers everywhere are clamoring for some sort of universal data portal, to make it easier to 1 access and analyze the existing data collections and 2 collect and categorize new data efficiently.

    We want to speed that process along, by building a versatile data scraper, programmed to comb through the web to extract and categorize new data on an unprecedented scale. Respondents were unanimous on our Kepler Conference surveys in voicing their support for a proper astrological research center. Canaveral Research Center is ready to take on the challenge of developing the research platform and the universal data portals, as part of our overall, aggressive research agenda. Whatever your skill set or level of interest, please join us in building this future together.

    Courtney Roberts, M. A graduate of the revolutionary M. I am really sorry that many people consider it a pseudoscience. But it was not always so. It was studied by priests, monks, abbots, cardinals, Popes and even by the supreme rulers of different states I would like astrology to regain its former glory. I think to say how this or that business will develop, it will probably be more correct to look at the past, what has been happening when different aspects worked.

    I think this will help to estimate how they will act in the future. It was just a collection of articles about different types of horoscopes western, druids, chinese and other items like that. But the most important thing was that people began to read and find out who they are by zodiac sign. Before that, very few people knew their own solar sign. Astrology was completely forbidden in the Soviet Union. However, even then there were some people who were inspired by this ancient science, and made. So, which aspects and planets could evoke this growing interest in astrology?

    I looked and found that when the mentioned book was published, there was a Jupiter trine to transiting Uranus. Of course it did not surprise me, I completely agree with the opinion that Uranus rules astrology. And I think, its aspects with one of the social planets is a very vivid indicator for the development of Astrology. The following year , three young people combined their skills and efforts and created the first Georgian program that compiled cupids of astrological houses. And it was great! This was the next step in the development of Georgian astrology! And I believe that the aspect behind this event was a square between these two planets — Jupiter and Uranus.

    I agree with those astrologers who look at squares not only as unambiguously bad, but think that the stress aspects show a necessity or need that must be addressed. And since such a need has emerged, it has led to appropriate responses. The first astrological radio broadcast occurred the same year, and in when Jupiter and Uranus sextile was done,.

    Georgia began to broadcast a copyrighted astrological TV program. Uranus began to function with greater strength after its transition to his sign of Aquarius in In the following years, people now had free access to a great deal of knowledge and information on the internet. They could download and read books and articles by different authors.

    Many of them discov-. Only when Jupiter and Uranus formed a sextile again, many of us began to understand, that Astrology is not for entertainment, but it is a tool to know yourself and other people, to understand your own lessons, and learn how to develop yourself. When Uranus moved into Pisces, it provided a more spiritual quality to Astrology in our country. In , when Uranus and Jupiter conjuncted again at zero Aries, and with this new cycle, people became interested for the first time in becoming professional astrologers.

    During the same time, there was a greater demand to open astrological schools in Georgia, and this is still a strong demand. Looking back, I was able to notice that the squares and other stressful aspects worked more productively than harmonious aspects. I expect that there will be an opportunity to introduce astrology into different spheres of our life.

    However, Uranus in Taurus tends to be more conservative and slow. In its positive form it can stimulate inventions and reforms in material, financial affairs and economics, and provide a solid foundation for growth. I do hope that the emergence which has started in the 90s will not falter. The following conjunction will be in Taurus in , and I believe this new cycle will stimulate a new turn for astrology… We hope to witness that. In the book The Professional Astrologer, I have also referred to important breakthroughs in the field, occurring during Uranus to Nodal axis conjunctions and other major aspects to each other.

    With a strong emphasis in the signs of Taurus and Aquarius, it seems obvious. Where are we headed? Where should we be heading? With a greater pool to draw from, it is more possible today for many astrologers to support themselves and lead a full-time practice. Challenge: Astrologers are still not adequately remunerated for their service and expertise. As a result, most people do not have faith that they can make a living from this practice, and therefore, astrol-. Relying on people who invest their soul and personal finances in astrology and do it for love is a good starting point, but not a sustainable approach ultimately.

    Instead, astrology enthusiasts enroll in short courses and learn from scattered information online, and as a result, fail to gain the necessary backbone and confidence to practice, or worse, claim to be able to practice with these meager foundations. The lack of abundance and prosperity ultimately hurts the quality and growth of astrology. While we are on a good track in this direction, changing mentalities and making this profession more financially secure is a work in progress. OPA is very conscious about this issue, and yet, as an organization, we too struggle to pay our speakers deservingly.

    Free content will always remain accessible online, but we can aim at doing true financial justice to services provided. While Science and Religion still demonize Astrology, sometimes for truly valid reasons, astrologers today are better educated and more diverse and professional in their practice. Challenge: Astrology is one of the most powerful tools that fuse science, art, and spirituality; it is built on the foundations of measurement, interpretation, and meaning.

    So, what does it mean to be more rigorous in our practice? Should astrology be quantified in reference to Newtonian laws of physics and be entirely empirical and predictable? We should all remember that there is no real proven understanding about how astrology really works to begin with. Notwithstanding, astrology knowledge needs to evolve on the foundation of more reliable research methods. While it is in the nature of astrologers to commonly be free-thinkers and immensely.

    The Future of Astrology FERNANDEZ creative, and as such, potentially bring truly valuable new realizations and knowledge to the table, more objective standards of investigation, research, and use must evolve in our methods. With the next cycle of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, we may not only expect greater interest in the study of the skies, but an upgrade in our standards of research. The necessity for this goes beyond a yearning for approval, but it is a quest for better service.

    Similarly, improvement can begin with better educating astrology students and practitioners about the building blocks of astrology, such as teaching astronomical references. Perhaps, every astrologer should know about the Precession of the Equinoxes and other central Astronomical phenomenon. Such a perspective can naturally help everyone be better equipped with arguments when debates arise about the validity of astrology.

    Moreover, we see more fusion of Vedic and Tropical astrology approaches. It is time for astrologers to move beyond divisive approach about which house systems to use or whether traditional or modern rulers are the valid ones. We should know by now that these different approaches are all valid and that they each serve. While debates and differing opinions are part of our creative growth, tolerance and understanding must prevail, without compromising rigor.

    How so? More emotional maturity to overcome our biases, an open mind, and better research to validate the different approaches. We found prolific writers, such as Liz Greene or Rob Hand, who provided deeper often psychologically leaning astrology material and the building blocks of our modern astrology culture. Those born a bit later with Neptune in Sagittarius and Pluto in Libra often thrived in the internet era of knowledge profusion and diversity, boosting research, expanding the reach of astrology and creating more communities.

    Many of them were inspired to bring a more spiritual meaning to astrology practice. Regardless of their orientation, they contribute to solidifying the foundation of astrology and gaining more credibility. Most of them are still in the budding phase of their professional practice and will certainly be a central force in the future of astrology. We can expect this generation to break new frontiers in many directions, in reaching greater masses through astrology, developing new research, and revealing completely new insights and approaches to the understanding and use of astrology.

    The Professional Astrologer is an essential volume for every student and practitioner. Writ in stars above me the moment I was born A starry night sky loved me a future chart was drawn for a scholar of some word a diviner of god and faith that hides away from many but not from love or kindness nor this sacred earthly place for there is a great romance its lovely pencil to paper I mark out all the stars the asteroids of the gods the planets Mercury to Mars incense and smells of books perforate the room candles burn as I write spells of magick between chart math and ancient history learned I plot the points of slower planets and scribe the angles that broached the earth the cross my spirit was given this incarnation on earth to understand what lay before me is my mission my life's love it's a blessing I've been given by the starry sky above.

    Astro beams Splice the puzzles! These rays reveal mysteries, Like keys, molded in silent codes. Yes, Astrology is the means ultimately we know How to seek and see our inner flame Retell its resources in tales traveling Back forth around down up through all directions To renew its sanctified welcome with Source. In the stream of endless dreams, we are looking for all the answers to our exciting question Why and how, and why everything is so but otherwise. Life carries us in a stream of the typical days, posing insoluble problems sometimes. Who gives the answer, who calms the soul of pain?

    Where to find the rest to soul? Oh man, do not forget you are the Crown of creation and everything is in your hand. All the happiness of the world is before your eyes. There are all the answers that give power over the whole Earth in outer space! Astro Poetry Here is a sequence of 23 Senryu same form as Haiku but without the seasonal restrictions each of which encapsulates a technique in astrology. Character-building Light streams from the Equinox Nests, broken branches.

    Jeff, John and Ron All gone. Mayo, Addey and Davison. The quiet teachers, The mercurial out-reachers, The wired-world explorers, Sacrificing self for us. Core values. Trunk of an old tree. Nodic arc - a fine Anagram of Draconic. And hears God! The men of presence, The laid-back and the intense, The spiritual mothers, The many unforgotten others.

    Ingrid Lind. Ada and Ivy. Margaret Hone. Now we are the teachers, We are the out-reachers; They before, beside us, behind us Invisibly remind us. From the Beginning Were the Words. My time - flying hands Turn up the deal of the day. You are my transit. Journeying, your world Known from different angles. New houses. Under the weather? Everything on edge? Only Going through a phase! Raising by degrees One circle to such heavens Oh imagine spheres.

    I believe it would be fair to say that many of us had early experiences and became even at times, unconsciously committed to the idea, that a love of the heavens, the night sky, the natural knowing that there was something to the universe, a sacred connection, created the essence of our being in which we are connected. It was the start of an understanding. Learning about our universe, the heavens, and ultimately astrology, would change our lives forever.

    This is a recollection of one of the several early events that were a stepping stone to where my journey began. It had just been released and I remember her excitement to know more about astrology after reading a Sydney Omarr book earlier. After a move from the east coast to the west, I was really shocked by the small population. The open spaces and the night sky seemed so different, it was clear and there seemed to be lots of stars out.

    Surrounded by mountains that seemed far, but were only a minute car ride away. The bright lights of Las Vegas were contained in two small areas and the sky was so clear. The population at that time was a little over , and it was spread out so it really was a small town. Unlike the close to , residents that live there today. In the summer of I met Kari, she was several years younger than I was and having two brothers with lots of friends was challenging since there were few girls to spend time with. Kari would live in San Diego during the school year but then come to Las Vegas for her summer vacation to be with her father and half-brothers.

    I was a girl scout and decided I would teach Kari what I knew about camping and we would have camp outs a couple of times a month in the summer on the nights it was not too hot. We would keep our heads out of the makeshift tent and watch the night sky for hours, drawing pictures of the stars and making up some interesting stories about what is in the universe…actually, we were not far off. We would actually walk to a used bookstore, several miles in the summer to search for books on metaphysical subjects and unfortunately not share with others as. The wound and the healer.

    The narrator and his narrative The seer and the astrology. And not always the answers are there Naked, you sometimes leave me with more questions You Chiron, you look to the place Of liberation Of peace Peace through acceptance That life on earth Is real, and unreal Chiron It is us again You and me Aiming towards liberation Together we walk in peace I am forever grateful for the company And for what you allow me to see. Maybe we were.

    When I spend time looking at the night sky, those memories come to me often, the magnitude of the heavens always astonished me and I knew at that time, that the connection to the sky would be a lifelong interest. There were weather issues and we had to cancel our meeting so they could drive back to Oregon. I knew something was wrong. On March 5th, Kari passed away, she had lost her battle with cancer. Her passing, although sad for us here, was a blessing as she is now amongst the heavens.

    Perhaps Venus Retrograde was calling her home. I know she continues to be in awe of the universe and has evolved to a place of peace and love. I look forward to connecting with her one day again and know that when I look at the night sky she is really not that far away. Tracing the archetypes of human myth, Across the arc of space and time. The celestial backdrop and our planets combine, to yield insight within and without, so divine!

    As we spin round and round, up and down and all around, In time, experiencing all there is, from the sacred space of here and now. Sleeping rocking falling Into a warm, beckoning vastness.. Until a great heave Gasping - grasping blackness finding nothingness in the falling I dangle barely hanging on.. I could have looked in my purse and listed all the heavy non-essential items I carry around, but describing those items seemed too mundane.

    I went to the metaphorical level and wrote about what I carry with me in my head and my soul, my astrology. I see astrology as a language, one that permeates my thinking at all times, and influences all my thoughts. Astrology is symbolic, unique, and takes me out of the literal world to keep me tuned into the astral one.

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    It is always with me. I know, with no doubts, that I gained my knowledge of astrology through numerous lifetimes of working as an astrologer and now it is so second nature that even using that term seems redundant. I loved it then, I still love it, I always will. This would go on every night until I remembered all the astrological meanings of the signs, planets, and houses.

    I see the world through the lens of astrology. Her Taurus planets need to eat. There are at least three Cancers in the group, they love going back into the past. I packed astrology in my little suitcase of treasures to take into my new life when I was getting ready to be born again. Other aspects, may be very fleeting which can be a relief if the energy is challenging, or conversely we may want to take advantage of a pleasant or lucky period that will end quickly.

    Having a sense of the duration is very comforting and for me helps me stay focused on what is important. Seeing how the nature of the heavenly bodies impact us in specific ways is such a perfect universal and personal manifestation of synchronicity. It is a daily demonstration of how the universe works around and within each and every one of us. What a gift it is! This little birch moon is slipping out into dark night, stepping away from the lights and music of the bustling cabin. When the moon has her darkness, she takes it in silence.

    Going out she leans against the great dark tree, and looking straight up, recalls sailing in that tree top as a full and flying moon. Moon feels the bark against her tired spine. In the dark, and all alone, by herself, she gives birth to the next little moon. There are many ways to gain spiritual insights, but for me, astrology has been the way that provides the most consistent source of information relevant to my spiritual path. For me, this is so amazing and beneficial. If you know the basics of astrology, this book will teach you to understand the concepts of astro-trading.

    The book starts with a chapter on solar cycles, what they are, why they are important, and how they affect weather and the financial cycles. Traders know that the Christeen explains the potential problems of this fact. Christeen then examines the charts of ten worst market crashes in 20th century. She shows the astrology of the biggest one day gains and losses. There is a The. Bright lights shine strong in universal darkness. A river of stars serpents its way across, paving something out of nothing. Energy born of friction Sparks disrupt stillness unpredictably Fire prevails Light, there is life I can see, I can be Consciousness in a flame Powering up creation.

    Scorching earths, leaving trails of ashes and polluted skies Life consumes and destroys, Life relies on death Like flesh feeds us, suffering feeds poets, crisis feeds growth. Like Super massive Black holes keep the universe pulsing Eliminate, illuminate. She shows you how to look at your own chart with an eye to seeing if you would make a good trader. The book ends with an overview of the years — describing the big planetary activity that is to come. At times reading this book is like reading a very interesting history book. Her research is spot on.

    She shows us how a financial astrologer thinks about the planets and their cycles. She points out important degrees such as 19 Cancer -Capricorn and 17 Virgo-Pisces and what happens to Wall Street when they are activated. She brings to our attention that the asteroid Vesta shows up in charts of traders and big market events. There is a section that describes what is happening now as Saturn approaches the Galactic Center.

    She offers predictions for the next few years as Pluto transits over the dangerous degree of 19 Capricorn and Saturn comes up to join him. Austerity and hardship are nearly inevitable. The combina-. The writing is clear, precise, and to the point. Christeen backs up what she says with science and facts and lets us see both the big picture and the little details. She coins terms such as astro-trader, astro-investor, astro-financier, astro-historian, and astro-detective.

    Christeen Skinner is all of these to the nth degree. Although you might not go out and win big after reading this book, you will know much more about your chances and the best timing for making gains in the markets. Exploring the Financial Universe is an interesting and very useful addition to your bookshelf. Astrology cycles affect all species, not only humans.

    Enjoy this column where Arlan and friends speak of different experiences relating astrological configuration with animals and pets, including their natal charts, transits, adoption times, and synastries with their owners. OPA loves animals, and they too evolve their consciousness! If you would like to submit a story about the Astrology of Animals, be sure to have the exact date of birth.

    – Program – Astrological Society of Connecticut, Inc.

    If you have the time of birth, please mention the source. Enjoy this column where Arlan speaks of different experiences relating astrological configuration with pets, including their natal charts, transits, adoption times, and synastries with their owners. She also said that one of the kittens was all black, my favorite type of cat. We agreed to talk when they were old enough to leave home.

    I live in Massachusetts and the kittens were in Florida. That could have been a problem but, since things work out when. And, as Kurt Vonnegut says, so it goes. The chart works very accurately. The third house is your siblings, but it is also your litter in cat terminology. There is a tight Sun-Venus conjunction in the third.

    We know charts work for animals. At least my lunar gardening experiment has changed. I pondered this on my back step as I shared a chicken sandwich with my cat Perseus and procrastinated on unpacking my luggage I love packing but it can take me WEEKS to unpack. Sensing he was missing out on something, my other cat Mr Bubbles decided he was going to stop pretending he didn't miss me and come out for a bite of the sandwich. Did I mention it was 6am in the morning of my first day back in London? Nothing like good old jet lag to throw my sleeping and eating schedule way out of whack.

    I had showered, dressed, had nearly finished "dinner" as well as had consumed about 5 cups of tea since I had given up on getting some sleep before heading back to the classroom. Why do I always underestimate the jet lag? It was a good job I had so much time to consider these important questions. The way things were going I'd fall asleep before break.

    I shouldn't waste my time worrying about the small things as they always prove to be nothing to worry about at all: my job at a summer English Language School is off to a great start I managed to stay awake for the every single lesson!! I'll post the links once the programmes are out.

    And there will be a follow up interview with Sheri at the end of August. Oh and if you think you've heard everything there is to hear about "Growing Pains" then you would be very wrong. I'm so sorry to have made so many people worry!! I'm not sure what Facebook is doing with my account--all but personal page are absolutely fine. Facebook is looking into it and I hope things will be back to normal soon. Thanks so much for all the concern expressed--clearly I have landed safely. All really is well--I've just been so busy unpacking and I really didn't think anyone was missing me or I would have updated a lot earlier!!

    Is this the most totally cool banner ever? San Francisco was a total blast! Linea Van Horn and family is a total hoot--and even better, she laughs at my stupid jokes. My talk for the San Francisco Astrological Society went extremely well. And how long have I waited for this banner? Me and Ra after my talk How cool is that? I remember seeing way more famous astrologers with this banner and I used to think "one day it might be me". And now it is!! Many thanks to Linea for starting the group all those years ago and to my astro brother Ian Waisler more on him in a minute for carrying the flame and inviting me to speak way back at ISAR !

    I also got to attend a Summer of Love exhibition with my buddy Ra who travelled all the way from Los Angeles to come to my talk! Ra is also speaking in India so we had a chance to bounce some ideas off of each other. Here are a few photos. So here I am all blissed out and listening to my beloved Janis Joplin on a beanbag chair during a psychedelic light show in San Francisco during the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.

    My astro brother Ian Waisler is coming to visit me in London!! How much do I love this guy? There will be another reunion and more photos of fun and frivolity. I don't want to give too much away but let "Glastonbury" be a hint! My birthday is coming up! I've had the most outstanding year of my life packed full of incredible achievements that I never could have done without such outstanding support from friends and others who had faith in me and opportunities, a near miss or two I wish I had trusted Julija Simas' intuition because my gullible "everyone is really nice" attitude nearly led me to making some exceptionally bad choices--but hey, I did learn a few things and in fact, I think I can honestly say, things went far better than I ever could have hoped to imagine!

    I really don't need to kiss puffy-faced toads, work for free or do favours for people who turn out to be assholes. Nor do I need to cover the tracks of the insane! So how 'bout that solar return?? Dear me. I do have Venus opposite Saturn in my solar return but hell, if I haven't learned how to handle harsh aspects between these two planets by now then there's no hope. So I end this wonderful year with absolutely no regrets or bitterness or wishes that I should have done things differently.

    I've unpacked a very full suitcase and found "only" joy, satisfaction, acceptance and deep contentment and above all gratitude. It's been said that these days you'll be remembered for what you've said on social media. This is one pleased and happy camper! And oh my god, before I forget. About the New Book There are two wolves fighting inside of me, the old story goes, one wolf is good and the other is evil. In fact, doing the right thing takes a conscious decision.

    Every day, we are met with temptation to get ahead at the expense of someone else, to get away with something we know is wrong or to cut corners if we think no one is watching. Often avoided and seldom understood, if we understand our own Saturn then we can help others to understand theirs. Birdwatching In the early hours of this morning, my progressed moon slipped in Cancer. Since the New Moon in Cancer a week or so ago, I've been feeling decidedly quiet and reflective, thinking about my next moves and just generally contemplating my "needs" for security. Don't worry my needs are cheap and easy.

    It's the end of the road for this tour and what a ride it's been. So many new contacts, new ideas, seeing family, fortifying friendships and the developing confidence and courage to get from one place to another without getting lost, losing something important or getting hurt or sick. Just imagine what I could achieve if I actually had more specific goals in mind!

    Things got quiet for me in Las Vegas and for that I am grateful because there were about 10 days when things were hyper-exciting in the best possible ways but since that New Moon I've needed quiet moments and how fortunate I was to be able to spend time with my friend Carol, who is a powerhouse of good energy in the astrology world. On top of taking me on the most spectacular tour of the Vegas casinos neither of us gamble , she taught me some very important lessons. We were just passing Binion's on our way to check out the light shows on the Fremont Street Experience.

    12222 Presentations

    I sort of stood behind this pile of money encased in plastic. I looked around at all the security cameras who no doubt had armed police ready to shoot my poor ass if I were to make a threatening move. Nevertheless, it was rather cool to be able to admire this big piece of solar metal. This was my second trip to Las Vegas. The first time was taken over with my delight at meeting my buddy Tim but this trip really made me think about a lot of things: what we do for money, the people we connect with to do business, the risks we take, the hills and troughs of fame and fortune, what we sell and the prices we sell for.

    Everywhere we looked were the investments made from bad gambles: Murano glass displays, intricate flower arrangements, pretty people, lights, lights and more lights and jaw dropping free performances, shows that cost the earth to see, entertainers everywhere, cheap beer and wonderful food. Perfect stuff for preparing for the ruling planet of my second house as it progresses into well, its ruling sign.

    She reminded me of the importance of aiming high, of paying one's self what was deserved. I've often joked that I'm the worse businesswoman in the world, that the usual laws of Economics don't apply to me and that in terms of finances, I'm the rather bouncy sort: money comes and goes, goes and comes with hardly any input on my part. When it comes to finances, I'm a "look at the birds" Matthew kind of girl. Other than a few very safe investments, I'm not the type to pinch and save at the cost of missing out on something interesting.

    Of course, I didn't make any big wins either. They say travelling changes a person and I can definitely confirm that. My woeful problem is that I'm about to hit the classroom again as a "normal" teacher. On top of unlimited fulfilment, teaching provides the salary that allows me to travel. Towards the end of this journey, I wonder if I haven't gotten things turned around back to front: maybe I should look at the idea that travelling allows me to teach, to find my grounding and inspiration.

    I don't know what kind of birds Matthew was talking about when he said that they don't sow or reap or store up food. Clearly they weren't the kind of birds that dive bomb ice cream owners on hot summer days. Or the kind that dive-bombs 6 spicy buffalo wings on a Friday night after a few pints of the old brewskis. I think if I were the kind of person who wanted a million dollars, I would have had it by now.

    And in many, many ways I am a millionaire by my own standards. But I want to remain in control of who actually calls the shots! I mean, after all, that was the point of this tour, right? Speaking of tours, I'm in the middle of my third tour in as many years. I have to say living out of a suitcase for extended periods isn't a bad way for someone with Saturn in Pisces to live: it certainly kept me focused! I've been lucky to see so many wonderful landmarks but I'm luckier still for all the wonderful people I've been able to get to know better and to spend time with on their home turf.

    Oh and, um, there's the food. Good folks always ask me about what it's like on a tour and it's one of the reasons I like to post status updates--I also feel it's good for helping people to connect with each other. It makes me feel like I'm bringing a whole lot of you along with me too. Of course, if you're not interested you don't have to read! So I was thrilled they wanted to book me to speak in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, as I was hammering out dates, I inadvertently was a little too keen to book my return flight to the UK and made a boo-boo that meant I'd be back in London before I actually spoke in Philly.

    And what a great night we had: how blessed am I to spend the night with such a great cook and outstanding food, great company, a beautiful kitty called Burroughs and. Jacqueline Janes. Way back then, I was just cutting my teeth on the lecturing circuit. I "knew" I'd be back to teaching in a few weeks where I'd crawl back under the rock I came from and get back to an ordinary life as a schoolteacher. In my mind, I was already unpacking.

    However, Jackie predicted I'd be "World Famous" and that the journey was just beginning. As much as I wanted to believe that, I pretty much dismissed what she said as an act of kindness and encouragement. Never, ever in my wildest dreams did I think that less than two weeks later, I'd get the invitation to India. And I certainly never thought that just two months later someone would stick a tiara on my head. Two and half years and five continents later and with an invitation to the 6th continent firmly in my calendar , I'd still seriously hesitate to call myself "world famous" but I never crawled back under that rock I came from.

    There's not a day that goes by that I can't believe all that has happened, or that I have not been grateful to the people who have helped me get to where I've gotten to--because I would not have gotten here on my own. That's for damn sure. And most of the time I really still can't believe it. I say all this not only to remind myself of what I've achieved but also to remind myself of my responsibilities. A fellow teacher friend of mine reminded me that our students--past and present--follow us on social media whether we want them to or not.

    I never want to give out the idea that living my dreams was handed to me on a silver platter: it's taken time, effort and money. But more than that it takes a lot of courage to take the risk of making mistakes publicly and to get back up and get back out there when there's setbacks. And setbacks can often be the gods shining their grace and blessings on you! Near misses? I've had a few! I am lucky that I have a strong sense of purpose and as the world's worst businesswoman, I have to constantly be on the lookout for better opportunities, to be open about my victories which is difficult for someone with Venus square Saturn, Moon in Leo or no.

    I don't so much as have a dream but a purpose. And that, for new readers, is to bring astrology to education and to engage young people in the Ancient Art of Astrology. That's it and it sustains me. But back to Jackie. It was a deep honour to check in with her. I had forgotten about her prediction because I didn't believe it at the time but I could tell she was pleased with me when I met her again.

    It brought about a need within me to reflect on all that has happened because I need to keep it all in perspective. There's still a part of me who could easily drift back under that rock because I'm afraid I'm going to screw something up. But thank the Great Goddess it's all been good so far!! It ain't easy living with Venus square Saturn!! So thank you Jackie for your faith in me!! My next stop was with my fellow Phillies fan Frank Piechosky. The last time I was in Philadelphia, Frank gave me the most outstanding tour of the town I could have ever asked for.

    And the best part is he lives just down the road from Citizens Bank Park where the Phillies get serious. As a kid, I loved the Phillies because my cousin Mike Schmidt played for them well that's the story I told and I'm sticking to it! Frank is also a wonderful cook. How good is he? Well, check this paella out. It even has a "hidden" astrological theme: And just when I thought I had died and gone to heaven, Frank made me scrapple don't ask what it is!!

    That's right, a Phillies shirt--with Mike Schmidt's name on the back!! I love Frank!!