Taurus taurus cusp female compatibility

We just have to be aware of the tendencies that we are dealing with for us to choose where we want to go. This is true for all astrology signs. There is no force telling you that you are destined to be something. I go through this lengthy explanation because cusp signs pose a very special challenge to the whole concept of astrology signs. Cusp signs are people born near the intersection of two astrology signs.

The Aries Taurus cusp is a very interesting cusp sign. This makes the Aries Taurus cusp mellower compared to other cusps.

Taurus And Taurus/Gemini Cusp Compatibility

Just like with other cusp signs and to a large extent, all other astrology signs, there is some tension underneath. The Aries is a ram that has no fear.

Gemini Taurus Cusp signs are Revealed in this Expert Report

This ram will bust into any situation and go head first. So the Aries compensates for its smallness, its limitation by this exterior show of courage, bravery, and decisiveness — all of which are very common Aries traits. The weak foundation is that it knows its limitations. What makes the Aries Taurus cusp very different from a typical Aries is that it has a Taurus component. The Taurus of course is a huge bull. When it charges, you better get out of the way.

The Aries-Taurus Cusp

The astrological sign of the Taurus has a totally different personality configuration precisely due to the fact that the Taurus can afford to be more self-confident. If it wants to knock in something or somebody down, it can. So what do you get when you get these two seemingly different personalities? You get a mellowness. You get some sort of strange equilibrium. The Taurus component is not completely perfect either. The Taurus is confident, the Taurus is a lover of great things, and a Taurus is comfortable in its own skin.

In fact, this positive side of the Taurus can actually lead to the negative side. Taken to the extreme, Taurus people can get quite self-absorbed. They can tend to be very shallow; they can tend to be quite manipulative.

Aries-Taurus Personality

This is one component of the Aries Taurus cusp that the Aries Taurus should be mindful of. The reality is that given the right set of circumstances and the right partners and friends, the Aries Taurus cusp can actually do quite well in a wide range of situations. This mellow combination of the brash Aries and the often self-absorbed and materialistic Taurus can produce a person that is well-tempered, knows how to spot opportunities and is very driven.

The biggest enemy of the Taurus getting in the way of a lavish lifestyle that any Taurus is capable of producing is the self-absorption and shallowness.

The Best of Both Worlds

This often leads to irresponsibility, misplaced priorities, and missed opportunities. The Aries Taurus benefits in money matters from its Aries side because Aries can go deep, Aries can go all the way. While Taurus can easily be distracted and tend to focus on surface appearances, the Aries is insecure and driven enough that it can keep going further and further until it gets the results that its looking for. To sum it all up, age can be very kind to the Aries Taurus cusp. Instead of age slowing down a person or wearing a person down, age actually makes the Aries Taurus cusp even better with each passing year.

The negative aspects of the Aries Taurus combination are downplayed while the positive sides of the astrology signs that make up this cusp get highlighted and enhanced with each passing year. When it comes to the best romantic matches for the Aries Taurus cusp, it must be noted that this cusp is a combination of the Aries Fire sign and the Taurus earth element. While the earth sign is compatible with water and earth signs, the fire sign works with other fires signs and a few air signs as well.

The Bull within, however, can be quite stubborn at times.

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Fortunately, you have Gemini on your side to balance things out. Try to remember that balance the next time someone is getting under your skin. Physically, your Gemini side likes activity and engagement of the body, but the cozy Taurus likes to relax and sometimes opts for a cat nap in lieu of an afternoon jog.

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  • Allow yourself to rest when you need to, but try to stay on track with physical activity, lest that airy wind become restless. With too much energy and nowhere to put it, you run the risk of becoming agitated or anxious. While the Taurus in you is a lover of the finer things in life, practical Gemini often steps in with its thrifty nature. You probably struggle when it comes to spending money given the frugality of the Taurus and the decision-conscious nature of Gemini.

    It can be hard for a Gemini to choose between two or more options. You can see how this might get complicated during a weekend walk through the shopping mall. Being on the cusp of two amazing signs compounds the sheer awesomeness of your personality. You have energy and determination leveled with quick wit and a vast intellect. You should be proud to fall on this cusp, and remember to embrace your unique personality.

    You like things done the best way possible, and you aren't able to easily trust others to do your bidding. Sharing responsibilities is tough for you -- almost as tough as it is to share your feelings and life! Your independence and freedom are important, but try to be sensitive to your friends and family and realize that their desires and opinions matter, too.

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    You're a tough one to pin down! You have your independent, wild ways and it takes a strong individual to make you commit. But when you're ready to tie the knot and have a family of your own, you'll do anything to make sure they're happy and secure. Earth signs will understand your desire for success and will also be busy pushing themselves, allowing you to maintain a lot of your freedom. This hard-working romance will probably feel more like a partnership than a close or cuddly relationship.

    Air signs would also make great partners for you, because their detached nature means they will not be hurt by your strong opinions or your need for independence.

    Understanding the Aries Taurus Cusp

    They are also free-thinking and will have some strong opinions of their own, leading to a few passionate debates! Learn to let go and love more! Your initial reaction is to control the situation in front of you, which is part of what makes you a great leader, but work on handing over the reins once in a while -- it will make you more likeable and improve your relationships. Pay attention and have patience with your friends and family. If you stop being so stubborn, you'll learn how nice it is to be able to care for and share things with them.

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