Aquarius love match compatibility

The two partners are working at two different speeds, but these different paces will be appealing to the other over time. This is because both Virgo and Aquarius will show different parts of this big world to the other in unique an exciting ways. With an Earth and Air Sign match like you have in the Virgo and Aquarius pairing, it can seem like there are more differences than similarities.

This is true!

What Zodiac Signs Are Best Compatible With Aquarius?

But this does not mean this match is doomed, they will simply need to learn how to overcome and accept these differences. Aquarius moves at a high pace, and Virgo is just the opposite. So Aquarius will get frustrated with Virgo's need to think every little thing over. Virgo on the other hand will become tense with Aquarius methods of cutting to the chase.

As well, with Earth and Air the emotional current is on the slow side. Aquarius doesn't see the need to get all warm and fuzzy every five minutes, and may become annoyed by Virgo's desire to express feelings on occasion. Virgo on the other hand wants things appropriately felt through, and may feel insecure by Aquarius lack of emotion on occasion. At the same time, both Virgo and Aquarius have a critical side that comes out, in biting and cutting ways.

Aquarius Love and Compatibility Matcher

This could nip this relationship in the bud quickly, if they both aren't very careful. One thing that both Virgo and Aquarius wants is a long term relationship that works. And their shared vision in this regard, despite their many differences, will need to be focused on regularly for this pair. As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, they are very skilled at talking things out. Aquarius is skilled at receiving this communication, so these traits bring a balance to this love compatibility that works well for the relationship.

So long as both Virgo and Aquarius can keep the cutting comments aside, they will talk until they find a way to make it work.

Aquarius Compatibilty

These partners are idealistic as individuals as well as they are together. Pisces flows with their dream-like surroundings, and Aquarius is constantly coming up with new inventions and ways of doing things. This relationship digs deep for the truth of the matter at hand, and both partners are always looking for solutions to problems.

Best Compatibility Matches for Aquarius

They both tend to be introspective. Aquarius and Pisces make very good friends as well as excellent lovers. Problems are rare, but sometimes Aquarius can be too intellectual and aloof for Pisces, and Pisces may at times be too self-sacrificing and gullible for the Aquarian taste. On some occasion, the pair will have conflicts, but these partners can forgive and forget easily. Uranus focuses on iconoclastic ideas and innovative practices.

Aquarius Compatibility - Zodiac Sign Astrology

Saturn gives this relationship the drive to act on these ideas and the ability to organize the details that will animate them. Jupiter is about philosophy, teaching, and understanding, and Neptune focuses on spirituality, so Pisces likes to truly understand new and exciting things, such as their partner.

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Whenever Aquarius comes up with a new idea — as they so often do — Pisces is eager to understand it on an intuitive level. This duo creates a complementary relationship deep in intellectual and emotional resources.

Aquarius and Aquarius Nature and Nuances:

This relationship is motivated by thought and feeling, respectively. There is always a lot going on, and this tends to be a very flexible and progressive union. This team works well together.